The Possible

"This blog has many a time been my santuary. Life isn't easy. In fact, I often associate it with a roller coaster with it's ups and downs. Here I am capturing all it's twists and turns and how I believe anything is possible..."​  Mel

About Me 

Hi, my name is Melissa Glass. People call me Mel. I come from Grand Bay, AL which is about 20 minutes south of Mobile. I graduated from Alma Bryant High School in 1999. From there, I jumped right into corporate America and didn't turn back.​

Little did I know that here I would still be in an 18 year career doing what I love and that is helping people, help people. I am currently a Regional Training Manager training Business Advisors who help our local businesses run more efficiently. I am beyond thankful for it as it has afforded me to live and travel around the country.

I currently reside in Birmingham, AL. I have spent my years living in other places like Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL.

My life's mantra has been you only need a little perseverance and a whole lot of faith to go and get what you want. I am thankful for hard working parents to taught me early on that you have to work for what you want. Nothing is free. This life can be hard but remember we don't have to go through it alone. I too am just a small town girl living in an anything is possible world!